Andrew Keats | R&D Manager


NZCS Chem.
7 years Environmental Chemist Pulp & Paper; Over 25 years pesticide chemist & residue project manager with Rhone-Poulenc/Aventis (12 years) & AgriSolutions (14 years), 10 years of concurrent lecturing at QUT and USC in Chemistry, Advanced Analytical Techniques and Quality Assurance.

Linley Davis | Administration Manager


B. App. Sc. (Double Major: Biotech & Molecular Bio) with Distinction.
Over 30 years QC, R&D and GLP laboratory: 5 years with Fletcher Challenge (NZ); 8 years with Rhone-Poulenc/Aventis/Bayer and 13 years with AgriSolutions.




Stuart Keats | Quality Assurance Officer

B. A. (Intl. Studies).
1year as Quality Officer A-QUanT Laboratories, 6 years as laboratory technician with AgriSolutions, 1 year as QA officer with AgriSolutions.

Scott Winner | Analytical Principal Investigator

B. App. Sc. (Ind. Chem)
Over 15 years experience in Residue Chemistry and GLP Laboratory: 3 years Rhone-Poulenc/Aventis; 13 years AgriSolutions.

Michael Keats | Chemist


B. Sc.(Double Major: Chem & Biotech.)
8 years experience in Residue Chemistry and GLP Laboratory: 8 years AgriSolutions

Odin Franssen | Field Principal Investigator

B. App. Sc. (Ag)
7 years of experience in agricultural R&D including the conducting of GLP residue trials: 4 years Agronico; 3 years AgriSolutions

Ashleigh Delaney  | Field Phase Study Person & Project Planning Officer

B. App. Sc. (Extended Wildlife)

5 years of experience in GLP residue trials: 3 years Lab Tech AgriSolutions; 1 year QA AgriSolutions; 1 year Project Planner AgriSolutions

Joshua Jackson | Laboratory Technician

Dip. P.M.

8 years of experience in Laboratory Tech and GLP Laboratory 8 years AgriSolutions.

Daniel Keats | Laboratory Assistant


Daniel has begun a Laboratory Technology Cadetship with AgriSolutions Australia



Sandy Wiggins | Book keeper


Sandy is an experienced book keeper who has been with AgriSolutions during the past two years.



Field Operators

AgriSolutions Australia works with qualified and respected field operators when conducting trials outside of the Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales region. These scientists are not only well known in their fields and areas but are also obligated to meet AgriSolutions GLP quality standards.


AgriSolutions Australia’s co-operative field scientist in Far North Queensland: Bill Farnsworth


AgriSolutions Australia’s co-operative field scientists in Victoria are: Ross Holding and Mark Sargent


AgriSolutions Australia’s co-operative field scientist in New Zealand is: Roger Mackisack