Formulation Chemistry


The APVMA require all relevant physical and chemical properties of the active constituent and/or manufacturing concentrate to be provided for new agriculture and veterinary products.

AgriSolutions Australia can provide a full range of physico-chemical testing to suit the needs of our clients.


The range of testings available from AgriSolutions Australia for agriculture and veterinary products includes:

Appearance and Physical State



Acidity/alkalinity and pH


Persistent foaming


Spontaneity of dispersion (suspension stability)

Dilution stability

Dry and wet sieve tests

Particle size distribution

Dust content

Emulsifiability, re-emulsifiability and emulsion stability

Dispersion stability of suspo-emulsions

Pourability (rinsability) of suspension concentrates

Attrition and friability




Quality Control

Methods are required for the identification, batch analysis, and storage stability data for active constituents and agricultural and veterinary chemical products, and for post-registration compliance purposes.


With dedicated instruments available for quality control testing, AgriSolutions Australia provides high capacity and short turn around time for per batch, ongoing quality control testing. We are also flexible with regard to troubleshooting small batch run analyses, allowing you to address problems quickly with minimum delay to manufacturing runs.