AgriSolutions Australia’s head office and laboratory as well as our field research station are well equipped and allow us to provide expert services from these facilities in Deception Bay Queensland.

Head Office and Laboratory


AgriSolutions Australia’s head office and laboratory are located in Deception Bay, approximately 34.5 km north of Brisbane airport. This purpose built facility designed to achieve the best results for the client.


AgriSolutions Australia’s head office utilises effective communication with all staff located in the one facility. The result is efficient coordination of office, field and laboratory activities.


AgriSolutions Australia’s laboratory has two wet labs dedicated to macro and micro chemical applications. The laboratory is highly equipped with state of the art instrumentation and trained staff conduct operations effectively, providing the capability for efficient ultra-trace analysis.


Our list of instrumentation includes:


Two ThermoFinnigan PolarisQ Ion Trap with TRACE GC/MSn

ThermoFinnigan TSQ Triple-Quad LC-MS/MS

ThermoFinnigan TSQ Quantum AM LC-MS/MS

Shimadzu GC-2010 GC-FID

Agilent 1220 Infinity LC-UV

Shimadzu  AA-7000 AAS with GFA-7000 Graphite Furnace Atomiser

South East Queensland Field Research Station

Located only a few minutes from AgriSolutions Australia’s head office and laboratory is the south east Queensland field research station. This is a five acre dedicated research station which includes: enclosed field equipment storage, a large greenhouse for protected cropping research, a field area designed for horticultural residue and bio equivalency studies and a dedicated area for termiticide studies.