Efficacy and Crop Safety

AgriSolutions management, lab and field staff draw on their years of expertise to independently deliver the reliable efficacy and crop safety study results that have come to be expected from this NATA certified, OECD principle compliant facility. At AgriSolutions Australia we base our success on the success of our clients. This is what continues to drive our team to achieve the best possible results and continue to be an industry leader in delivering successful data submissions to Sponsors and the APVMA.


AgriSolutions collaborates with agricultural Industries throughout Australia. Commercial outcomes such as enhanced pest, disease and weed management options have been achieved for growers in a wide range of crops throughout Australia. Many new product registrations and minor use permits have been achieved for our clients to tackle major industry challenges.


Our projects have been funded by individual industry groups, collaborations with industry and various government research and development organisations as well as crop protection companies.


Several major crop protection companies have successfully introduced new crop protection products as well as generic products tested through bioequivalence into the Australian market thanks to the quality outcomes produced by AgriSolutions.

Residue Trials

AgriSolutions is GLP accredited through NATA to perform OECD compliant field phase residue studies throughout Australia and New Zealand due to an extensive network of operators. We Utilise experienced study directors and field scientists with excellent grower and industry connections, dedicated to meeting the requirements of Sponsors and Regulatory Authorities.


AgriSolutions compliance with GLP means that residue data generated in Australia can additionally be accepted by regulatory authorities overseas.


AgriSolutions is continuously conducting studies for HAL, industry groups, and crop protection companies requiring residue data for successful registration submissions.